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  1. Plural of cyclist

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This is a list of cyclists by decade.

Cyclists by decade

Cyclists before the 1880s

Cyclists of the 1880s

Cyclists of the 1900s

Cyclists of the 1910s

  • Jean Alavoine
  • Marcel Buysse
  • Eugène Christophe
  • Oscar Egg
  • Frederick Grubb
  • Firmin Lambot
  • Rudolph "Okey" Lewis
  • Henri Pelissier
  • Carl Schutte
  • Philippe Thys

Cyclists of the 1920s

Cyclists of the 1930s

  • Leo Amberg
  • Gino Bartali
  • Bernhard Britz
  • Francesco Camusso
  • Victor Cosson
  • Jef Demuysere
  • Learco Guerra
  • Charles Holland
  • Roger Lapebie
  • Andre Leducq
  • Romain Maes
  • Silvere Maes
  • Leonard Maffei
  • Antonin Magne
  • Giuseppe Martano
  • Ambrogio Morelli
  • Attilo Pavesi
  • Antonio Pesenti
  • Guglielmo Segato
  • Georges Speicher
  • Kurt Stoepel
  • Felicien Vervaecke
  • Mario Vicini
  • Lucien Vlaemynck

Cyclists of the 1940s

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